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191 countries agree deal to see aircraft emissions cut

4th October 2016
191 countries agree deal to see aircraft emissions cut

This new deal will encourage airlines to purchase credits through global carbon markets to offset their emissions

The latest climate agreement struck between 191 countries earlier this month will allow airlines to grow in the coming decades without growing their emission levels.

The International Civil Aviation Organisation has created a new agreement that will see airlines purchase credits through global carbon markets in order to offset their growing levels of emissions, all beginning in 2021.

The credits have been designed specifically to balance pollution from commercial jets with other environmental steps made elsewhere within the industry. These measures could include anything from renewable power projects and energy efficiency goals to simply replacing the coal-fired cook stoves with solar-powered cookers.

Slowly phased in over a 14 year period, it will be the USA among several other volunteer countries that will begin these measures to offset carbon emissions. Other member countries are currently scheduled to follow suit between 2027 and 2035.

Commercial aircraft are one of the major contributors to carbon dioxide pollution that directly affects climate change, accounting for approximately 11% of all global transport emissions. As demand for worldwide travel increases over the next few decades, it has been estimated that this will rise to 50% by mid-century.

Bob Perciasepe, president of the Center for Climate and Energy Solutions, claims the agreement is a major step in global efforts to combat climate change and a positive sign that the momentum behind the Paris Climate Agreement is continuing to build.

"The agreement provides a practical framework for harnessing market forces to limit the rapid growth in airline emissions," he said. "International aviation is among the fastest growing sources of greenhouse gases. Without new measures, emissions are expected to triple by 2050."

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